Paradizabal's Broadcasting

Portada Revista Paradizábal
Portada Revista Paradizábal

    In the upper floor of the Florida Hotel building yesterday at 6 pm opened the most powerful radiotelephone station installed so far in South America.

    Invited by his owner Mr. Sebastian Paradizábal, we were witness of the interesting ceremony, which was assisted by a large crowd.

    As mentioned, Mr. Paradizábal’s radiotelephone station rises at the high floor of the Florida Hotel and has been installed by General Electric.

    This is, therefore, a great station, equipped of the latest developments in this new science branch.

    The station works with a 5.6 H.P. engine directly coupled to a direct current generator to two thousand volts. It is also coupled to that motor an alternator of 88 cycles and 35 volts.

    The power for the operation of the station is supplied by the two machines mentioned before.

    The station is equipped with four valves of 250 watts each. A fifth valve amplifies the voices received from the microphones.

    The antenna is located 70 meters above the sea level, on a plane free from crossing any telephone wires, with form of a cage, mounted on two steel towers.

    As the mentioned station is also a receiving one, yesterday could be heard the one of Buenos Aires, installed also by the General Electric who sent their congratulations and good wishes.

    Montevideo has, as we stated above, the most powerful radiotelephone transmitting station of South America. Evidenced by the fact that was heard on Tucuman, a distance of 1040 miles ago from Montevideo, and throughout the province of Buenos Aires it was hear in a more powerful form as the station in Buenos Aires, despite the great distance.

    In our territory was heard at Paso de los Toros, using a crystal receiver station.

    It was also heard 375 miles away, using only one valve.

    Its powerful can be improved a lot, as it is allowed to work by the station of Cerrito with wave greater than 320 meters.

    In the Paradizábal station it will be developed every day and in certain times, select cultural and instructive programs, concerts, conferences, etc, as well of a comprehensive information program for cities of the countryside.

    After visiting the station’s facilities the guests were honoree with a delicious lunch.
("El Plata", November 7th. 1922)