Radio General Electric

The Uruguayan magazine "Mundo Uruguayo" on August 24th 1922 announced:
    "These days it has been published that General Electric plans to set up a wireless telephony transmitter station in our capital. The news is auspicious for our local developments, as we could have in the future this modern communication system so popular in North America and in successful tests in the neighboring capital.
    The General Electric of New York, which is the biggest factory for wireless devices, through its branch in Montevideo disclose that conquest of science, which is proposed to install within a short time, a long range transmission station, as in Buenos Aires, where the station is planning to build will have no less than 1,000 watts of power and can extend their airwaves to this capital.
    General Electric Advertising
    General Electric Advertising
    The General Electric has also been able to sent a consignment of receivers, to meet local demand, that for some months ago is interested in wireless telephony.
    The significance of the new service can not be unknown. Simple consider that in North America has established a perfect service with daily transmission of varied programs and that are published in advance in all the newspapers, including at certain hours of the morning stock quotes for businessmen, in the evenings, concerts and conferences, at 7 pm, songs and stories for children and later operas and concerts.
    In our capital thanks to the efforts made by the General Electric we can briefly enjoy the same pleasures and comforts, from our respective homes. "
In this form Montevideans were reported about the installation of the first radiotelephone station dedicated to the general public, and therefore the start founding process of the radio Uruguayan broadcasting process.
As said Mr. Emilio Elena, by that time Administrative Secretary of the U.S. company General Electric: "We had to give grass to the radio receivers..."
Elena later talk in an interview with Ruben Castillo in his book "Silencio, estamos en el aire “ (Quiet, we're in the air), how was the beginning of the station that receive the call of CWOS from the Dirección de telegrafía sin hilos (Wireless Telegraphy Administration):

    It was mid 1922 when we receive the first delivery of U.S. receivers.
    The enginner Altamirano who was manager of the company at that time and whom I supplanted after he left to the United States. He was a great enthusiast and his name should be included as one of the true pioneers, although the performance of this Mexican was short. But with great courage, with great spirit, with great vision and great risk brought a significant amount of radio receivers that were expensive, a boldness. We were in the streets Uruguay y Ciudadela, the General Electric Company recently began its activities in something that not was strictly electrical and becoming interested in what was electricity for the home and the radio was one of the first.
    We brought a number of devices, including a crystal one, galena crystal only that you could only hear with a telephone, but had already tuning elements. They got a 20-watt transmitter that had to bring from Buenos Aires and a man named Ingunsa came with the transmitter to teach us how to install it and get it going working. It was a 2-osciators valve transmitter, 5 watts each, and two modulating valves also 5 watts and was any preamplification, so that you entered directly from the microphone to the circuits modulators.
    At that time we transmit as Radio as General Electric.