Portada de la Revista de Radio Paradizábal
Portada de la Revista
de Radio Paradizábal

  • August 27 - Starts transmissions the first radio broadcast station in the World: LOR - Radio Argentina. With new knowledge and technical elements brought from Europe, a group of young (Telemachus Enrique Susini, Miguel Mujica, Cesar Romero and Luis Carranza Guerrico) transmit Wagner's Parsifal opera from the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires.

  • November 2 - It starts trasmiting the first radio station in the United States: the Westinghouse KDKA, in Pittsburgh. Released the results of the elections, which succeed Warren Harding. Conveyed with just 100 watts to achieve audience and recipients were provided.

LOR, Radio Argentina
LOR, Radio Argentina
  • January - Is held in Rio de Janeiro, an exhibition, for which a transmitter is send by General Electric, which the Brazilian authorities refuse entry permit, for fear that it might reveal military secrets. The same trip to Buenos Aires continues where the Argentine authorities delayed the permit. That way the GE solves send to your local Montevideo. Ultimately, this would be the transmitter to acquire Sebastian Paradizábal station.

KDKA, Pittsburg
KDKA, Pittsburg
  • August 10 - The magazine "Mundo Uruguayo" reports: "It has installed the first executive committee of the Radio Club of Uruguay, built by Emilio Elena, Jose Greco, Enrique Legrand, Parodi Cairio Uriarte, Misol Antonio Pérez, José Espiell and Enzo Dall'Orto ". Magazine also reports: "No invention of recent times has had as pronounced as it broadcast (radio) ... and between us is already talking about adopting definitely ..."
    From this date, the first transmissions begin irregular, with static and music, no voice. They are made by General Electric, with an antenna in the Office of Government House Keys, a transmitter power of 10 watts, installed by Mr. Salvador Altamirano.

  • Don Claudi Sapelli
    Don Claudi Sapelli
  • August 15 - First transmission stable, with a human voice, combined with music. The Emilio made Elena and Claudio Sapelli. Starting with this issue, Uruguay became the third country in the world to install a radio set. The fourth would be in the UK, with the BBC. When the wireless telegraph station, the Cerrito de la Victoria, was aired, "sweeping" with little power of our first radio station. As there was no disc console was used to position the microphone record against gramophone horn rope. From that moment, began to act distinguished singers, soloists and actors. Programming was armed by businessman Carlos Sempol and Butler.
    On the same day, is licensed No. 7: Mr. Emilio Elena Elena, "in compliance with the provisions of the relevant decree .. to install in your home address a receiving station ..." (File 6802, 859,469 Sealed ).
    It is published in the "Journal GE", signed by JOM (Julio O. Martínez): "Yes, the wonder, what looked like a beautiful fairy tale, it was a beautiful reality since. The little station ... shook the ether, taking the good news; Montevideo inaugurated its first radiotelephone station broadcasting ... Satisfied with that first hit, it was thought to transmit from the Teatro Urquiza ... Again success ... It was possible to hear many miles away ... Then came the other transmitting stations, which would take our voice to hundreds of miles ... Mr. Paradizábal, gaining us a transmitter General Electric 1,000 watts, thus demonstrating, faith in the future ... "

  • Isotipo de General Electric
    Isotipo de General Electric
  • Mid-August - The General Electric Company, installed in the streets Uruguay and Ciudadela, is now selling radios armed curtain closed. On Monday morning, the start of the sale, there was a crowd in front of the trade, willing to buy radios.
  • August 26 - On this day in theater debuts Urquiza, Cia. Bertini-Gioaria Operetta, with "The Princess of the czardas" Kelman, and signs off with "Acqua Cheta" Pietri, on 1 October. Was this the show broadcast on radio and mentioned by JOM article
    Teatro Urquiza, Montevideo
    Teatro Urquiza, Montevideo
  • September 17 - Starts in Rio de Janeiro, the 5th South American Soccer League, with the Brazil-Chile match. Uruguay Debuts on 23 and this game is broadcast on radio. The first Latin American Broadcast sports (the first in the world made in the United States July 21, 1921 with the Dempsey-Carpentier fight historical), was performed as follows: Mr Claudio Sapelli installed in the propileo of the "Diaro del Plata"and "El Plata" in the right wing of the Teatro Solís, a portable transmitter equipment. CIA. Western Union telegraph cable extended a ticker up there, receiving the telegram in duplicate. Sapelli back and took her immediately issued its contents by a speaker-microphone and air, the other copy of Messrs. Garcia and took Bertonasco that, using megaphones, they read the crowd crowding round the Solís Theatre propileo.

  • Propileo del Teatro Solís<br>(julio 1921)
    Propileo del Teatro Solís
    (julio 1921)

  • November - Dr. Francisco Ghigliani and Mr. Salvador Altamirano, organized the first public radio broadcast room. Urquiza was in theater, selling tickets. Speakers were installed in the room and the transmitter was in the Keys Office presidency. When transmission time prevented a violent reception and Dr. Ghigliani, with great presence of mind, managed to entertain viewers, making juggling games, to which he was fond. A few days later there was another experience, failed also for other temporary and was finally abandoned a project that was to give sound to theaters, eliminating the classical pianists, who thanked climatic factors, their salvation.

  • November 3 - The newspaper "The Day", announces the airing of Radio Paradizábal: "Every day, advances in telephony, are greater among us ... We touched comment ... the recent installation of a powerful cordless telephone station. We refer to it in the Palace Florida, have built Paradizábal Messrs. Brothers "
    Publicidad General Electric, trasmisor de Paradizábal
    Publicidad General Electric,
    trasmisor de Paradizábal

  • November 6 - Radio Paradizábal begins its transmissions with a kilowatt GE team. The study is in the Hotel Florida, the station works with a 6.5 HP motor directly coupled to a DC generator, 2,000 volts. The motor is coupled to an alternator 88 volts and 35 cycles. Station is equipped with four valves of 250 watts, while fifth amplifies the voice received by the microphones. The antenna is located 70 meters above sea level, on a free from telephone wires crossing. It is the most powerful station in South America and is not afraid to "erase" the telegraph of Cerrito de la Victoria. Cost of the transmitter: eleven thousand gold pesos.

  • Radio Paradizábal: Vista estudio y demás
    Radio Paradizábal:
    Vista estudio y demás

  • November 7 - The daily "La Mańana" says: "Yesterday, at 5 pm was inaugurated new ... radiotelephone station installed by General Electric ... and Paradizábal Santiago property. Station is a first order with all elements of this novel branch of science. " Paradizábal Radio was the first commercial station in the world, and issued the first political advertising in Uruguay. It opened with a speech by then president José Batlle y Ordóńez and was also used by Mr. José Serrato as a political platform. The same House Paradizabal then published notices in the press, "we sell at cost 500 portable radio receivers No. 26, complete with antenna, telephone, and instructions. Leverage you joy and instruction that provides free air, and for $ l2.00 ". Surely these receptors were armed by Sapelli and estimated in the first sale, was a thousand devices. Subsequently, another thousand armed Sapelli same, but with three lamps, also for Paradizábal.

  • Don Luis
    Don Luis "Chichilo" Viapiana
    End of November - the first was issued advertisements in the world, through this medium. Spinet were for cigarettes, and soda Trinaranjus. The world's first commercial broadcaster was Luis "Chichilo" Viapiana, a kind of man Paradizábal Radio Orchestra: announcer, manager and operator, as well as singer with a good voice. The "Journal radiotelephone" wrote an article entitled: The man of the "hello, hello, hello," began his speech because that speech. Later came other notices, especially, from the same station, requesting and receiving data Paradizábal House, offering receivers for sale.
    Publicidad de Radio Paradizábal
    Publicidad de Radio Paradizábal
  • July 5 - Discuss the newspaper "La Mańana": "Radio Paradizábal has maintained the prestige of radiotelephony in this week that he has had to be alone in the ether ..." What had happened? The continuous interference Cerrito Station and Radio Paradizábal power, made Radio General Electric interrupted their broadcasts to install another more powerful transmitter.

  • July 8 - Radio General Electric launches new 500 watts transmitter placed on the roofs of the "Crandon Institute" (formerly "American Girls College") on 8 de Octubre Av. and Garibaldi Av., with a tower 50 meters above the street. Reopens its transmissions "with an interesting program in concert with opera arias and recitatives by Ms. Paula Weber and Mr. Raúl Mendilaharsu and Sabat Ercasty".