1922: The History of Radio in Uruguay

      Back in 1920-something, an irrepressible passion gripped the Montevideans: to listen... Everyone's went with their mouth dropped open when, just setting a pair of headphones, you could pick up sounds more mysterious as it airs roamed, and that some came from distant latitudes. As would happen again thirty years later, bristled Montevidean rooftop antennas: iron, wooden, wire. "It is rare that the house has not offered to the fury of the antennas the integrity of a couple of tiles, up in the high, between which a radio fan met with a steady hand has planted a rigid rod of steel or wood, which will its receiving station... "

        Those primitive artifacts sported a friendly home-style, for the fans, to arm them, they used to cans of peaches, broomsticks, wire ferrugientos, they found out there... Anticipating what happened after the TV, from the moment they began complaints against the new invention that came to disrupt the talks family, because now everyone lived happy gadget earrings, not to miss any of the magic issue: "Priory families, after dinner, surrounded the piano or invaded the theater or cinemas. Now, after dinning, all grouped around the receiving station, and in the midst of profound silence resound hearing revel in the sensitive membranes of the auditors, the most distant transmissions that can be collected by simply moving a fraction of the negligible degree tuner wheel... "

      Milton Schinca, “Boulevard Sarandí”, Tome 4, “Todo Montevideo se pone auriculares”)