CW90A - 90th Anniversary of the Uruguayan Radio Broadcasting

November 6th, 1922, is the date on which culminates the Uruguayan radio broadcating founding process. That day was the first trasmission of Radio Paradizabal, the pioneer Uruguayan commercial broadcasting. Therefore, in 2012 we celebrated the 90th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Uruguay, and Radiogrupo Sur wants to commemorate this event with various activities, a summary of which you can find and follow in these pages.

In particular we will be activating the special callsign CW90A, which will be operating in all amateur bands and all modes.

CW90A Award.

Rules (in Spanish): Click here

Planned Activities

  1. CW90A Activation.
  2. Thematic conferences about the event.
  3. Commemorative exhibitions..


  1. About CW90A Project (in Spanish): CW90A.pdf